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(Translation: Pathways of Peace)

Minyan Darchei Shalom is now in its third year of existence.

Our kehillah, our community, is independent. We consist of people from a multitude of backgrounds and observances.  We have a number of affiliates who maintain memberships and connections with other Jewish organizations.  We send a weekly email containing information about services, holidays, events, and things of community interest.

Our community is completely lay-led.  Many of our affiliates are able to lead services, read Torah, and chant Haftorah, and we are always open to new participants.  When we are together for tefillah, for prayer, we follow traditional egalitarian conservative customs.  The person leading the prayers does so as she or he feels comfortable. We daven together for Shabbat (usually two per month), Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and other holidays as well. Most services are held at Temple Shalom in Newton.

Our community is small compared to others.  As we enjoy each other’s company, we also gather for limud, learning, and social programs.  Examples of past and ongoing programs include participating in the Charles River cleanup in Watertown, the monthly Sefer Shalom book club, learning walks through the Arnold Arboretum, kosher potluck dinners and learning, Jewish Heritage Night at Fenway Park, puzzle and book swaps, and Friday afternoon get togethers in the park.

Our community is welcoming.  Many of our first-time participants have joined us at the invitation of another.  We are small, but we have room to grow.

Follow the paths of peace to Minyan Darchei Shalom.  Join us as we strive to maintain our three pillars: tefillah, limud, and kehillah. You will always be welcome.

To receive our weekly emails, or for any questions, please contact


Stu Horowitz


Minyan Darchei Shalom

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