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Meet the Officers!

Learn a little about each officer by hovering over the image.

2024-01-31 stu art.jpg



These pieces hang in our home. They remind us that our home is a place of Shalom, of peace.

Stu Horowitz


Bob R Picture



This is a picture

from my last trip to Israel.

It symbolizes the connection

between prayer and community

that is so comfortable for me.

Bob Reibstein


Jm_Walls2018 edit.jpg



We love to travel to Israel to visit family and friends.

This picture of the Old City of Jerusalem with the Tower of David was taken from the plaza outside the Jaffa Gate. 

Anne Lurie


Our Board of Directors

Bob Deresiewicz, Harriett Fox, Helaine Friedlander,

Jay Liebowitz, Karen Linitz, Larry Saloman, Marc Zissman, Tori Zissman

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