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COVID-19 Policy

This is the current COVID-19 policy for Minyan Darchei Shalom as of September 9, 2022:


  • Vaccine and booster(s) mandate for all who are eligible.

  • Masking is optional. Please be respectful of the masking decisions that we each choose to make.

  • Open windows and doors as possible to aid air flow.

  • Vaccine-ineligible folks may attend, but there should be a commitment to vigilance with masking and distancing. 

  • Anyone feeling unwell should stay home, even if scheduled to lead services, read Torah, or put out kiddush.

  • Kiddush will continue to be pre-packaged, single-serve food and drink items.

  • Err on the side of caution and stay home if you have been in situations of increased risk exposure within the past week.


We will re-evaluate as pandemic and CDC recommendations evolve. 

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